TASTE Summit ’17

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The Academy for Scientific Taste Evaluation (TASTE) is to introduce the first TASTE Summit to be held at the Hotel Management School Maastricht from 9-15 July 2017.

The TASTE summit is tailor-made for foodservice professionals. The summit will lead you through sessions presented by thought leaders in food and nourishment; through food and wine tastings; and will take you on a gastronomic field trip to Paris and the Champagne region. This summit is designed to keep you at the cutting edge of food developments, graduates from the Future Food Institute will present the results of their innovative research. After completing this first summit you will be rewarded with a certificate from our accredited higher education institution.

To say that the consumption of food is a vital part of the chemical process of life is tautologous, but often we fail to realise that food is more than just vital. The utilitarian aspect of food as necessary for survival has inhibited the study of gastronomy. For survival needs, everyone, everywhere could eat the same food, to be measured only in calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins (Pyke, 1974, pp. 3- 33). But this is not the case, through the units of this course you will see that there are many forces that influence liking. And they are increasingly less utilitarian. The basic ingredients from which food is prepared; the ways in which it is preserved, cut up, cooked (or not); the amount and variety at each meal; the tastes that are liked or disliked; the customs of serving food; the utensils; the beliefs about food properties – these all vary. The number of such food variables is indeed great. This is the essence of the study of gastronomy.

In our course you learn more about this holistic approach and learn how the science of flavor and tasting can help in addressing and partly and could even be a part of the solution of great societal issues like feeding the planet, with healthy foods produced in a sustainable way.

We would be honoured to welcome you,
Team Taste Summit

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